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Thorogood Men's 814-4203 6 Inch Brown Work Boot -8D

Thorogood Men's 814-4203 6 Inch Brown Work Boot -8D
Thorogood Men's 814-4203 6 Inch Brown Work Boot -8D

Min Price : $145.0
Code : 38027259
Brand : Sorel

Description of Thorogood Men's 814-4203 6 Inch Brown Work Boot -8D

Some hiking shoes scream "generic" or "bought at a big-box store." They look the same as everyone else's, and they don't give you any reason to wear them longer than you have to. Thorogood's Men's 6-Inch Brown Moc-Toe Boots 814-4203 are different though. They've got comfort and flair that'll make you want to wear them even when you're not working. Thorogood built these boots starting with dirty brown, Crazy Horse Leather. It's flexible, breathable, and comfortable-intended for rigorous use! Leather is naturally resistant to oil, abrasions, and water, so these work boots are perfect for wear on the job site. Oh, and did you know these boots are totally American Made. Working Men have lots of needs-and we're not only talking about the ones you take care of on the weekends! You need comfortable, breathable shoes that support your feet, legs, and back. These have vamps that are lined with cotton drill fabric so they're comfortable and wick moisture away from your skin. Under your feet, a removable insole with a dual-density ultimate shock absorption footbed is layered above a Poron 4000 Comfort Cushion. These materials combine to absorb shocks and cushion your feet. Vibram outsoles give you excellent support. These shoes rest atop a Vibram Christy Blown Rubber Wedge sole. This particular provides excellent oil, heat and chip resistance, as well as good abrasion and slip resistance. Since most on-the-job injuries result from slip-and-fall accidents, these boots can help cover your feet and your butt! Inside the soles is a shank made of engineered composite material. Shanks are rectangles of hard material like steel or this composite. They're placed in the soles of shoes in such a way that they force the shoes to break comfortably when you step. Instead of ending up with cheaply-made shoes that pinch and crack, choose these Thorogoods. The soles are attached to the uppers using Goodyear storm welt construction. In addition to providing excellent durability and the advantage of being easy to replace, this type of welt adds an extra bead of material that blocks dirt from entering your boots. Keep your boots in better shape and your socks cleaner with a Goodyear storm welt. Boots that are good looking, durable and practical. Who knew there was anything other than the same old same old? Thorogood did. Click and order yourself a pair of Thorogood Men's 6-Inch Brown Moc-Toe Boots 814-4203 today. Available Sizes: D 8-12,13,14 - EE 8-11,12,13,14

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